Bucks parents go to parliament to talk about damage caused by 11-plus


Last week, four parents from Buckinghamshire, joined parents from other selective areas to attend a parliamentary meeting on selection. The meeting was set up so that parents could talk to MPs and peers about their personal experience of the damage caused by the 11-plus.

Local mum, Kath Dunn, said:

“At the meeting in parliament I was able to tell MPs about what the 11-plus has meant for my family; about how selection causes untold stress for children, impacts on the self-esteem of entire families, and takes away choice. No-one can say that this is a fair system or encourages social advancement for all.”

Suzanne Harbour from High Wycombe said:

“The 11-plus has gone from being an intelligence test to a ‘how much tutoring can you afford’ test. I hate elitism, and this is elitism as its worst. I desperately hope the system changes soon. It is time that all our children are given the chance to attend an excellent local comprehensive school.”

Melissa Benn, Chair of Comprehensive Future who organised the meeting, said:

“Tens of thousands of families around the country are already affected by selective education. But in the fevered debate over plans to expand grammar schools, their voices are not being heard. We thought that MPs should have the opportunity to listen to these families’ stories and to learn why rolling out further grammar schools across the country is not the answer to the challenges that our education system faces.”

Rebecca Hickman, of Bucks anti-selection group Local Equal Excellent said:

“Two weeks ago in Buckinghamshire, over 6000 children found out that they had failed the 11-plus test. When so many children have just been left crushed by the results of an unfair test in an unjust system, it is right that MPs should want to hear about the experiences of these families.”

Contact:  Rebecca Hickman:  07748 905101 or at becks_hickman@hotmail.com

Note to editors:

  1. Local Equal Excellent supports fair access to secondary schools for all Bucks children.  See localequalexcellent.org.uk
  2. Photo credit should be Aynsley Johnson.