Oppose John Hampden’s expansion plans!



John Hampden Grammar School have launched a consultation on their bid to expand. They are applying for funding to the government’s £50 million grammar school expansion fund. However:

  • The fund is supposed to be only for grammar schools that have ‘ambitious’ and ‘realistic’ plans to expand access for disadvantaged children. But John Hampden have NO specific plans. What’s more, the school has a poor record on inclusion. Just 4% of their pupils receive Pupil Premium, compared to 37% of children at the secondary school one mile away.
  • These expansion plans will have a detrimental impact on neighbouring schools, reducing their academic and social diversity.
  • John Hampden claim to be oversubscribed locally but they are not. Each year, they give away more than one quarter of their Year 7 places to children who live neither in Bucks nor in their catchment. Any new places are therefore likely to be filled by children living in Maidenhead.

PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CONSULTATION – it only takes a few minutes. Email your comments to Headspa@jhgs.bucks.sch.uk by Monday 9th July.