11-plus fiasco: ‘withdraw the test’ says local group

As reported by the BBC and elsewhere, yesterday, over 9,000 Bucks children tackled questions in their 11 plus exam which, as the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools were forced to admit later, ‘could not be answered correctly’. Local Equal Excellent, a group campaigning for fair admissions to secondary schools for all local children, is calling for yesterday’s test to be withdrawn.

Campaign spokesperson, Katy Simmons, said:

‘Thursday’s test was a fiasco. Parents can have no confidence that this chaos, that has so upset children and families, can be set straight. Selection at 11 is already discredited. It’s time now to abandon the test. How can the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools claim that their test predicts the future educational ability of 11 year old children, when their testers can’t even proof read correctly? The 11+ is a fraud and would fail any trading standards test.’

Rebecca Hickman, convenor of Local Equal Excellent, said:

“The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools fired this test provider just six years ago after admitting that their test was not fair, but brought them back last year because no-one else would provide the exam. This is just the latest in a catalogue of failings for the Bucks selective system. The truth is that there is no one-off, high-stakes test at age 11 that can ever deliver fairness for local children. The system is flawed from the bottom up, and the test must go.”

Local Equal Excellent would like to see every local child having access to a good secondary school in their area. Katy Simmons said:

“The selective system regularly lets down three quarters of local children. Now it is has let down all of them. Time for the test to go.”


Contact:  Katy Simmons on 07970656153 or katy@nashdom.dircon.co.uk


Note to editors:

  1. Local Equal Excellent supports fair access to secondary schools for all Bucks children.  See localequalexcellent.org.uk
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-49683298