Oppose John Hampden’s expansion plans!

SIGN THE PETITION! https://www.change.org/p/headspa-jhgs-bucks-sch-uk-john-hampden-grammar-school-stop-your-expansion-plans John Hampden Grammar School have launched a consultation on their bid to expand. They are applying for funding to the government’s £50 million grammar school expansion fund. However: The fund is supposed to be only for grammar schools that have ‘ambitious’ and ‘realistic’ plans to expand access for disadvantaged children. But … Read more

Outcry after grammar schools fail to consult parents on new 11-plus test

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS) have confirmed that parents will not be consulted on the decision to change the 11-plus test provider for Bucks. In response to a freedom of information request, they also stated that, ‘No communications have been sent directly to parents’ about the new test. TBGS announced in March that GL Assessment … Read more

More upheaval for Bucks parents and children as grammar schools replace 11-plus test with the old ‘discredited’ test

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools* has announced the appointment of a new 11-plus test provider in Buckinghamshire – reappointing the old test provider, just five years after they were sacked in favour of a new test provider. GL Assessment, who provided the 11-plus test for Bucks prior to 2013, will replace the Centre for Evaluation and … Read more

LEE responds to government green paper

Local Equal Excellent have submitted their response to the government’s green paper ‘Schools that work for everyone’. The response sets out the case against the government’s plans to expand grammar schools, as well as the extensive evidence showing that selection suppresses attainment, damages schools and causes social division. The response states: ‘The government should continue … Read more