We think that parents, children and teachers should have the chance to make their voice heard in the debate about selection – because personal accounts are one of the most powerful ways of bringing home the realities of selective education. That is why we would like to hear your story.

You might want to tell us about:

  • your experience of the 11-plus exam
  • how the result of the 11-plus exam affected you
  • the impacts of selection in your school

You can tell your story however you wish. It matters more that you speak from the heart than that you create a literacy masterpiece! We suggest that it is no shorter than 200 words and preferably no longer than 600 words.

We will publish stories anonymously on this website – in other words, we will not give your name unless you request otherwise. We ask for your name and email address below only for verification purposes and in case we need to get in touch – these will under no circumstances be shared.

If you are aged 16 or under, please check with your parent before sending us your story.